Waterloo Bay Elliston



Elliston is a lovely town on the West Coast of Eyre Peninsula and has many features that make it an attractive town to live in and really friendly and creative community.

Waterloo Bay Development was built on land to overlook the beautiful bay, the jetty and the calm waters in the bay and then the spectacular cliffs and break coming in from the Ocean.

Both as a permanent home or a holiday or investment home these allotments are ideal starting at 1200metres they allow for an excellent home and plenty of room for living.

Now is the time to secure an allotment and pay the stamp duty only on the land and then choose from the builders of your choice in your time frame to build your dream home taking advantage of the fabulous views.

Contact Patricia 0408 000 844 or patricia@lifestylepropertysa.com.au now arrange an information pack and all the details or arrange to make an offer on the allotment of your choice and your new lifestyle.”

Price list

Price List for allotments currently available.
Stage Allotment Size Price Comments
1 24 2,134 $92,000 Rural Living
1 26 1,235 $91,000 Ocean View
1 27 1,216 $92,000 Ocean View
1 29 1,223 $95,000 Ocean View
1 30 1,228 $96,000 Ocean View
1 31 1,397 $98,000 Ocean View
1 32 1,378 $99,000 Ocean View
1 45 1,216 $110,000 Ocean View
1 48 1,204 $105,000 Ocean View
1 49 1,210 $103,000 Ocean View


Stage 1 has 13 Allotments Sold, the above allotments that are left for sale are ready to be built on and are ideal investments for the future.

Presale release of larger allotments:
Lot  5       2074 m2   $92,000.00  this allotment is excellent value.
Lot 9        5576 m2   $96,500.00  this allotment must have buildings set back 25m from Flinders highway. There is no direct access onto Flinders Highway.

These two new allotments are now available with services. Roads in front of them will be constructed, at the moment they have access abutting at road at boundary1`.
This development is an ideal location for both Permanent Homes and Holiday Homes with aspects across the Bay that are enjoyable at any time of the year.
Allotments in any further stages will not be as cost effective so now is the time to purchase your choice of allotment.

Brochures available on site alongside the main sign.
Prices subject to variation by the vendor without prior notice.
Please always check on availability of lots before sending a contract instruction form.

Ring  0408 000 844    PATRICIA HAUTOP
 patricia@lifestylepropertysa.com.au  for email enquires 7 days per week

Fact Sheet

  1. Septic – Enviro Cycle- water can be reused for landscaping.
  2. Water- No mains water- each house must install 2 x 45,000 litre Rainwater tanks as a minimum – Type/Design Color Bond
    Please note- (material used must be coloured to coordinate with the natural surroundings).
  3. Power- underground power to each allotment(s).
  4. Telephone services- supplied to the boundary of the allotment(s).
  5. Storm water- collected and filtered in detention basins.
  6. Roads- sealed roads and kerbing.
  7. Rubbish collection- Local council pick up.
Building requirements:
  1. Building restrictions- all allotment(s) in Stage 1 to be single storey dwelling with max height 5 Metres from the centre point of the allotment(s). This height restriction will include trees, structures and satellite dishes.
  2. All garages and out buildings / rain water tanks to be Color Bond so it blends with the surrounding natural environment.
  3. Fences to be Color Bond and/or similar materials.
  4. No Second Hand transportable Dwellings will be allowed.
  5. New transportable homes will be required to have all stumps covered by suitable new materials.
  6. Air conditioning must comply with the EPA standards.
  7. Building Plans- all plans elevations-floor plans- external colours-external dwellings (marked on site plan) must be submitted to the developer/and or their agent prior to the application being lodged to Local Council.
  8. Landscaping must be completed within 180 days after the dwelling has been occupied.
    These points to be finalised and formalized in the Land Management Agreement.