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About - North Shores Wallaroo

Constant Change

Constant and rapid change is a part of modern life, and we certainly have noticed that in the development of North Shores. When the development began in 2005-6 the market was one almost completely dominated by people wanting a home for holidays and weekends, with the thought that they may retire to North Shores later in life.

In the last couple of years since the GFC, and the consequent dropping in confidence that this led to, the inquiry for holiday home sites dropped off, but fortunately a market for permanent residents, and investors wanting to buy properties for rentals has picked up.

Over the time of the development these changes in the nature of demand have resulted in different demands for block sizes. Because of the lead time between planning and construction we have often felt frustration at the difficulty of delivering what the market is going to want in 18 months time.

Despite this we believe that the mixed community of permanent, and holiday residents, lightweight holiday homes, and conventional homes, is delivering us a well balanced, and somewhat unique community.

North Shores in Best Position on Waste Water

There has been a great deal of attention, in the local and Adelaide media, focussing on the treatment of sewage at Wallaroo; the capacity of the local system, and the limitations that may cause on future building applications.

We understand that the existing sewage ponds, for Wallaroo, are at or near capacity and this is a current, and possibly a future problem for home builders.

A reading of the local newspaper also continually reinforces that the cost of septic tank disposal is increasing, and will continue to increase rapidly.

Many people coming to North Shores do not completely understand the absolute difference between North Shores system, and that, of the rest of Wallaroo.

We are serviced by a dedicated waste water treatment plant which is operated by Alano Water. This plant is designed to be extended, in a modular fashion, as the community grows, so that its capacity can be extended as the community grows. You, the residents of North Shores, pay an amount to Alano Water equal to the minimum sewage rate which can be levied by SA Water.

Your rights under this scheme are now, and in the future, protected by an agreement between the developers, the Copper Coast Council, and Alano Water.

In summary, North Shores residents have a full sewerage system, no septic tanks, no dependence on the council scheme, and the future benefit of recycled water on North Shores reserves, as the community grows.

Playground Proves Popular

The installation of the playground, in the central reserve, has proven to be a great success and is getting plenty of use. The little boat is extremely popular. The perimeter of the playground has been finished with sleepers made of reconstituted rubber, and a deep layer of soft fall, to ensure as safe an environment as possible.

The other element of a safe environment is of course, the community. We believe that our community is watchful, and caring, towards its smallest, and most vulnerable members. The grass being cut regularly now by Council provides an excellent area to kick a footy or play cricket and give everyone a lovely open area.

New arrivals to North Shores

We are pleased to announce that the changing profile of North Shores has led to some new residents, and future playground users.

We extend a warm welcome to all new residents and we know you will enjoy living at North Shores as much as we all do.

Wallaroo Ferry

We are pleased to see the new Wallaroo - Lucky Bay ferry in operation. It makes a beautiful sight, entering and leaving the Wallaroo harbour, and is a welcome boost to the tourism sector, and the profile of Wallaroo.

Growing Fruit and Vegetables

We have had several queries about a notice that some Wallaroo residents have received, about the dangers of eating home-grown produce, in areas that have had industrial contamination. The land on which North Shores has been developed, has to our knowledge, always been agricultural land used for cropping, and grazing sheep, and therefore not subject to those problems.

Land Sales Office - House and Land Information

It was with some sadness, that we vacated our existing sales office on Islesworth Street, to move to larger premises on Kassa Road, but we think you will agree that it has a dominant position, as you drive up Hopgood Road, and will not be overlooked.

The larger home will also provide a more comfortable and private space for Patricia (and cats) to relax in those rare moments, when she is not working.

Patricia intends to spend even more time at North Shores than previously.

As time has passed she has progressed from sitting in the sun in her car, on the side of a bare hill, to a caravan, to an Atco hut, to the single story house on Isleworth Street, and now the double story Sarah home on Kassa Road.

Where next ???

Rental Property Management

We referred early in the newsletter to the changing demographic at North Shores, from holiday homes only, to a mixed community which contains a large number of homes permanently occupied. This change has led to a demand for a rental property management service.

Patricia Hautop of Lifestyle is now providing this service to a number of owners. She is uniquely suited to provide this service at North Shores, if you wish to discuss this, call in to the sales office and have a chat with Patricia.

In Conclusion if you have found this newsletter useful or informative, and you have friends with an interest in North Shores, please forward this email and share it with them.

Houses for Sale

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Secondary Sales of Land

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