Coorong Waters

POLICEMAN POINT COORONG ( Princess Highway SA) 2014

Services at Land;  Supplied by Developers
Sealed Roads and Street Lights
Swales for storm Water Drainage
Underground Power to each allotment
Telstra to each allotment
Mains water to each allotment

What you will need to do to build on an allotment

  1. Waste Water Disposal will be an environmental system designed by engineers with information supplied by the developers to assist with approval in principle. This is a special type of disposal due to the proximity of the  Coorong National Park which is a World Heritage Site.
  2. Mains water needs a storage tank for water to be pumped on your allotment, can be filled with rain water and only topped up from mains if short of rain water.
  3. An additional rain water tank for rain water storage for basic use with a filter on the tank and connections to the dwelling for domestic use.
  4. Arrange a meter to be connected in the meter box with any chosen supplier of electricity to supply to your dwelling.
  5. Install solar panels on the roof of a shed or dwelling to allow for more power supply if you are looking to use more than a basic amount of electricity. The use of large airconditioners or many TV’s for instance will take more power than is allowed for from the (Swer) single power line to Policeman Point by SA Power Networks. This additional power can be fed back to the grid when not being used to create credits on your power for you if that is how you set it up.
  6.  We suggest you build a home that blends with the surround National Parks and Water and that you choose colours for your buildings to allow for them to blend with the beautiful environment.
  7. Arrange for the water meter to be installed at the front of the allotment as this then arranges for you to have mains water as required. This meter is normally installed as a dwelling to due to commenced construction to ensure that water is not used by other people and a charge for water use then needs to be incurred.
  8. Lodge a building application and a planning application for a dwelling and any buildings with the Coorong District Council.
  9. It is suggested you use indigenous plants for landscaping to allotments as per the guidelines attached to the Land Management Agreement on the certificate of title to each allotment.

See below for more details in regard to the Development
Projects SA Pty Ltd
ACN 122 528 554
Post: PO Box 6233 Halifax Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Office: 172 Gilles Street, Adelaide SA 5000

See below for more details on the services supplied and set up by the developers as this is a very sensitive environmental site and development

Coorong Waters water supply;

Water supply to the development is from one large SA Water Meter at the front of the property.

There is not sufficient SA Water Main Water supplied to Policeman Point for SA Water to supply  unrestricted water to each allotment.

There is a service lot at the front of the development on which the water meter is situated and a 45,000 litre tank and pump shed allowed for the water to fill into overnight and then be pumped to each allotment with individual private meters to each allotment.

These private meters are yet to be installed and they then will need to be read regularly and the water costs shared between the allotments that have dwelling and buildings on them.

At this time the pump is not installed and the tank is not connected to the mains water but will be early in 2015, most of the infrastructure in already in place and installed. The final installation needs to take place for each water meter when a dwelling is due to be constructed on each allotment so that water is not used by anyone other than the allotment owners.

Each allotment needs to install rain water tanks for rain water catchment from the roof of any buildings on the allotment to supply the majority of water for use in the dwelling and other requirements for each lot. A filter is suggested for this rain water tank.

If rainwater tanks are low they can be topped up with mains water by having the extra values installed to do so at the time of installation.


SA Power Networks supply power to each allotment and they can then choose their own provider.

As there is limited electricity supply to Policeman Point as it is supplied by a SWER line only, the developers arranged and paid to have the power undergrounded to the whole of Policeman Point and to the development. This has meant that instead of having many power failures due to old power equipment to the area, this has now changed and everyone who lives in the vicinity enjoys regular power.

Each allotment has enough power to run basic appliances for day to day living but does not have enough to run several large TV’s large appliances like reverse cycle air conditioning and many, many, small appliances at the same time as many homes do in the city.

Each allotment has a connection near the front boundary of the allotment in an underground box covered with an oval shaped cement cover. This is similar to the Telstra connection and covered box, however the Telstra box is covered in a oblong cement cover.

Each allotment then has a meter connection on one of the two large meter boxes alongside the two transformers that are installed on the side of the road nearest the storm water lagoons. This is a system similar to a community title system and is quite unique in SA. It means that there is no sharing of green boxes between allotments.

Each property can install solar power to back up their home and to run the full suite of modern appliances and to put power back into the grid to keep their costs down.

All allotments have a connection even if they do not have a title at this time.

This is a very environmental outcome for power to each allotment, and ensure you achieve an environmental success with your dwelling and buildings and enjoy being at the Coorong.


The developers of Coorong Waters were very conscious of the Coorong National Park and its world heritage listing, and its environs and have ensured even though there is a 22 allotment development it will have less long term effect on the Coorong and the National Park that the Caravan Park on this location was doing. Changing from a caravan park to a small development is ideal for the area and the environment.

The Caravan Park was a problem with the removal of rubbish and also allowed campers to camp where ever they wanted to and they were slowly destroying the natural habitat along this section of the Coorong and its surround areas. There was much broken glass buried instead of being removed and many of the native plants that are quite unique were being lost to the area.

Many tons of rubbish and weeds and rogue trees and other items were removed from site.

The area is now very environmental from the disposal of the storm water through polishing ponds that contain the natural water cleaning plants in regard to the landscaping with the native water plants and sandfire plantings. This ensures that any water that is emptied to the Coorong has been cleaned from any pollutants. The water in these ponds during winter is very clean and attracts many native birds who enjoy the fresh water. These ponds are part of the reserves areas that have been transferred to the Coorong District Council.

The Street lights are special lights that are very low level to allow for pedestrian walking safely but not putting any glow back into the sky so that the beautiful stars and moon can enjoyed at night by all. This is a wonderful location when wanting to view eclipses or extensive weather patterns. The sunsets are fantastic and very spectacular across the water and the sand dunes to ocean.

The roads were built with swales to ensure that as much rain water as possible is put back into the sandy soil and not lost off the site.

There was no soil brought in from other areas to ensure that the area is no contaminated in any way and no contamination has been found or used on site at any time.

There are many kangaroos who live in the national park that is on three sides of the development and they are often seen crossing the shallow water of the Coorong in front of the development.

There are rare and unusual native flora in the development and in the surrounding national park and this encourages large amounts of native fauna.

The sound of the ocean varies from soft to very significant depending on the weather and the southern ocean is very spectacular to visit at 42 mile crossing, and to go ocean fishing.

The Sandhill’s across the water of the Coorong vary in width to the Ocean.

The water of the Coorong has been improved greatly in recent years by the fresh water entering the southern end of the Coorong from the large extensive system of water ways to the south of the Coorong. It is interesting that the water to the Coorong runs South to North where we normally expect the water to sun from the North to the South.

The extensive waterways from the SE of SA are gradually being reopened to bring the water back to the Coorong and its environs where it was diverted from by very early farmers. There is a very active Coorong Community in this area, Meningie and surrounding areas and if you are at all interested in being involved in assisting with the environment this is the place to be.


HELLO REALESTATE – Trish 0499 777 102 – Patricia 0408 000 844

Coorong Waters

Prices as at 24 November 2014

Subject to variation by the vendor without prior notice

Lot,Number Allotment size and descriptionFor STAGE 1 OF COORONG WATERS NEW PRICES FOR STAGE 1
3 2400m2
This allotment has two building envelopes. It has a large area of attractive native vegetation including building envelope which would provide views of the Coorong and the surrounding vegetation.
8 1206m2
Spectacular views in two directions over the Coorong.Fence at the rear of the allotment.
9 1204m2
Views to front and back of allotment of the Coorong.Fence at the rear of the allotment.
10 1200m2
Views to front and rear of allotment of the Coorong.Fence at the rear of the allotment.
12 1205m2
Coorong views from front and back of allotment.Fence at the rear of the allotment.
13 1206m2
This allotment at the end of development has spectacular views and the national park as a side neighbour. Ideal for a two story houseFence at rear of the allotment
2 Titles
lot 7 & 14
Shown on sale plan
4894m2 well over 1 acre of land
This very large allotment contains a substantial 4 bedroom renovated house with stunning views of the Coorong. Spacious living area and kitchen, ideal indoor, outdoor living, 2 bathrooms. The extremely large living area includes a great wood burning stove that heats the whole house in winter and is great to sit in front of and watch the spectacular sunsets over the Coorong. Separate double garage. This large allotment contains an in ground swimming pool with new liner, pump and pool house with shower facilities. The views are spectacular in two directions. This allotment has room to do many other things on it including being self- sustainable with vegetable gardens, fruit trees and many other things and still enjoy this wonderful view every day.There is currently a rain water tank for the house, by putting in a couple more tanks you could be totally self-sufficient with water for the house, pool and a large garden. All building need some work and TLC.Fence at the rear of the allotments
Any offer must be in writing.
Was $325,000
Reduced to
House and poolInground pool with liner,old sauna and storage room.Just under 5000m2
15 STAGE 2 OF COORONG WATERS now released 1946m2
This allotment includes the old amenities block from an old caravan park that needs work undertaken to use as something different like a dwelling and is ideal for someone who has imagination, talk to us.
This is a large allotment, the old building must be changed as it cannot be used in its current form, or reuse part of it. If you enjoy renovating with imagination this is for you.
fenced along the rear of the allotment
Lot 15 & 16 & 17 would be ideal to hold together for future investment discuss an overall price with use for them.

Any offer must be in writing or will not be considered:

16 1632m2
This allotment contains four old holiday cabins, these are not approvedas permanent dwellings but could be usedwhile building something else as storage areas. No
17 1200m2
This allotment has is a flat allotment and easy to build on.Fenced on the rear of the allotment and part of one side.
18 1224m2
This allotment is flat and very easy to build on, there is some native vegetation. The back of allotment faces north,so ideal for an outdoor living area on rear of a house.
19 1258m2
This allotment is flat and very easy to build on, there issome native vegetation. The back of allotment faces north, so ideal for an outdoor living area at the rear of the a house.
20 1559m2
This allotment contains two fully self contained ensuitecabins that are ideal for holiday letting or personal use.There is plenty of room to build a house and double garage with some interesting established trees and is fenced across the back with a privacy screen.
21 1466m2
This allotment contains a full size tennis court that needs some maintenance but has plenty of room to build house and garage and enjoy an easy lifestyle.
22 1200m2
This allotment is flat and the front faces north and the allotment is very easy to build on.